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Captions for Event Centers and Live Sports

Everything you need to know for stadiums, venues and events


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VITAC’s upcoming webinar will show you how to meet accessibility requirements by displaying captions on arena and stadium scoreboards, ribbon boards and attendees' mobile devices so that your fans see every play call, announcement, promotion, advertisement, song lyric and more at your next event.

This free webinar will discuss, among other topics:


The best practices for meeting event accessibility requirements


Why caption accuracy improves the fan experience


How to stream realtime captions on a mobile device

Regardless of the venue, obtaining accurate, reliable, live captioning is easier than ever. Now is a great time to plan for accessibility at your next event.

Who is the webinar for?

Stadiums, Arenas, Event Centers, Sports Teams, and Owners and Operators of Live Theater and Concert Venues

Meet Our Speakers

James MacPherson

James MacPherson

Events Captioning Pro

James MacPherson is a Strategic Account Manager at VITAC, with 15 years of experience in the captioning industry. This experience has allowed James to apply his expertise to help corporate event organizers, educational institutions and media producers make their live and streaming events accessible to their audience.

Deb Restall v2

Deborah Restall

Sports Captioning Guru

Debbie Restall has spent 20 plus years in the media industry with the last four years as Vice President of Sales at VITAC. Her main focus at VITAC is helping Broadcast Networks, TV stations and Major League Sports teams from all leagues become accessible for all viewers and fans.


Jesse McFarland

Jesse McFarland

Webinar Host